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About Us
                                              Pauline Brault

Pauline moved to Hilo, Hawaii, Big Island area from the S.F. Bay Area where she now lives on an
acre lot which is landscaped with many palms, fruit trees and tropical plants.  She grows orchids
in a 40 x 50’ greenhouse.   She started to grow orchids in the 1980’s in Antioch, California (East
Bay)  and her mentor was the well known orchid hybridizer Frank Fordyce.  She worked 10
minutes from his business and recalls maxing out her credit card buying orchids from him while
he was tutoring her with his well know technique of growing cattleya orchids.  She also grew a
good number of dendrobiums and warm growing species including some vandas.     Pauline was
Vice President as well as president of the Orchid Society of California, Napa Valley Orchid Society,
and president of the Hilo Orchid Society.
She was also a top exhibitor in her home society, the Orchid Society of California located in
Oakland  where she generally had the largest exhibit at their annual November Show and has won
a number of show trophies as well as the Orchid Digest trophies for four consecutive years.    

When moving to the Big Island she reduced her collection of dendrobiums, and started to
specialize in Cattleya hybrids and species with some other warm growing species.   She made a
number of her own hybrids and received AOS awards for some of them.

She has given many cattleya hands-on potting programs in all orchid societies in the SF Bay Area
including some out of State societies and a number of talks and culture session for the Hilo
Orchid Society.

She is also growing a good number of Bulbophyllums in her greenhouse where they thrive
because of the warm climate.  She credits renowned Florida Bulbo grower Bill Thoms for her love
for Bulbos who showed her his growing technique in her greenhouse when he spoke at the Hilo
Orchid Society a few years ago.

She enjoys traveling and doing art work,  having learned the art of French impressionism from an
Italian master painter in San Francisco.  She currently paints romantic seascapes and tropical
scenes and has tutored a few students.
See link "Paintings".

If you would like to purchase a division of one of her orchids pictured on this web site, please send her a
She will then let you know if she can fill your request or if you have to wait until she repots the desired plant
to purchase a division.