Glen Barfield
Phaius Lady Ramona Harris
'Looking @ you' AM-AOS
Paph. Petula's Ghost 'Demon'
Paph. Kolosand 'Lehua Sand Swirls'
Paph. Ninja 'Lehua Normous' HCC/AOS
Paph. Rothschildianum 'Deang' AM/AOS
Rolf. Maile Hellinger
'Aka Best' HCC/AOS
'Julie Chrisine' HCC/AOS
Paph. Misty Dell 'Handsome Hcc/AOS
Phal. Misty Dell 'Handsome' HCC-AOS
Phal. violacea v. alba 'Kate' HCC/AOS
Glen Barfield studied photography in grades 7 through 12, then attended Los
Angeles Trade Technical College in their photography program after high
school. Glen dropped out of photography in his early 20’s and came back to it
in his early 60’s. Glen is a Senior American Orchid Society Judge and
photographer for the Hilo, American Orchid Society Judging Center. Glen has
been breeding orchids under the name of Okika since 1980 and has a small
nursery adjacent to his home in Glenwood, Hawaii. The majority of plant
photos are taken in his small studio (a section of the garage) with compact
fluorescent lamps and a Nikon 5000 camera.
Glen Barfield, The Orchid Works, Hakalau, Hi.  Phone (808) 963-6233